Stiletto by Suzanne J. Rogers
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Stiletto by Suzanne J. Rogers

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London Hart loves wildlife photography, but she’s practical enough to know that if she wants to move to a better place, she can’t just work freelance. London snags a job with a local magazine, taking pictures of local mansions. When she goes out on her first assignment, her enthusiastic best friend, C. C., tags along. The two women meet their hosts, Toni and Richard, and immediately realize that both of them are nuts. Toni is fond of dangerous exotic animals and Richard is fond of dangerous behavior when Toni gets under his skin. Just when the two friends decide to get the heck out of crazy-town, shots ring out. Both Toni and Richard are found dead, floating in their pool…not ready for their close-up.

London and C. C. team up with their bubbly friend, Brenda, to find the couple’s killer. Their detective work will lead them from Toni’s menagerie to a very expensive pair of shoes…

Complicating London’s investigation is Ryder, a sexy stranger with more than one secret. Is he tied to the murders? Can London solve the case and get the guy, or will the killer return to finish the job?


**The story takes place in Venice, FL

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